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"Yet Another Paparazzi Autopilot v1 and v2."

YAPA is very similar to the TWOG v1.0 but has standard 100mil headers for direct standard servo connections, and has an option to put the xbee/lt2510 on the autopilot-board itself. Yapa still uses the good old LPC21 so if you are looking for the more efficient and performant STM32 you will need a Lisa

When would you use a TWOG:

  • size and weight matter
  • you have a Molex Crimper

When YAPA might be useful:

  • you want to use the exact same airframe file as in a TWOG
  • but you want mounting holes
  • or you want standard servo connectors or have high power servo's
  • a few extra grams don't matter
  • want to connect any serial device (from a TLL/RS232 GPS to the latest [RS422 v1 only] XSens Mti-G)
  • you want to connect an rs232[/485/422 v1 only] modem or an XBee/LT2510 directly

Hardware Revision History

Version # Release Date Release Notes
v2.00 02/2011 Redesign: replaced the dual very expensive rs422/485/232 multiprotocol driver with a single rs232 and much more IO pins
v1.00 07/2010 Initial release of YAPA v1