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UoA has manufactured a batch of this version - It features the audio filter which transmits one-way digital data over the microphone channel of the video link using 2400/4800Hz AFSK (Audio Frequency Shift Keying)


Tiny v099 pinout.png


Qty Value Device Parts Manufacturer PN distr PN
7 - 53047-03 CAMERA, RC_RX, S0, S1, S3, S4, S5 Molex 53047-0310 DK WM1732-ND
1 - 53047-04 VIDEO_TX Molex 53047-0410 DK WM1733-ND
1 - 53047-08 SERIAL_1 Molex 53047-0810 DK WM1737-ND
2 - 53047-10 ANALOG, SERIAL_2 Molex 53047-1010 DK WM1739-ND
2 LEDCHIP LED0805 LED1, LED2 Kingbright APT2012EC MO 604-APT2012EC
1 0.47uH L-EUL2012C L2 WURTH ELEKTRONIK 74479032 RS 308-8564
1 15uH WE_PD L1 Pulse P1168.153T MO 673-P1168.153T
2 33R R-EU_R1005 R9, R10 Yageo RC0402JR-0733L DK 311-33JRCT-ND
1 150R R-EU_R1005 R12 Yageo RC0402JR-07150L DK 311-150JRCT-ND
3 1K R-EU_R1005 R2, R3, R8 Yageo RC0402JR-071KL DK 311-1.0KJRCT-ND
1 1.5K R-EU_R1005 R11 Yageo RC0402JR-071K5L DK 311-1.5KJRCT-ND
2 3.3K R-EU_R1005 R6, R15 Yageo RC0402JR-073K3L DK 311-3.3KJRCT-ND
1 4.7K R-EU_R1005 R1 Yageo RC0402JR-074K7L DK 311-4.7KJRCT-ND
7 10K R-EU_R1005 R4, R5, R13, R14, R16, R17, R18 Yageo RC0402JR-0710KL DK 311-10KJRCT-ND
2 12K R-EU_R1005 R103, R105 Yageo RC0402JR-0712KL DK 311-12KJRCT-ND
1 15K R-EU_R1005 R7 Yageo RC0402JR-0715KL DK 311-15KJRCT-ND
2 56K R-EU_R1005 R102, R104 Yageo RC0402JR-0756KL DK 311-56KJRCT-ND
1 100K R-EU_R1005 R101 Yageo RC0402JR-07100KL DK 311-100KJRCT-ND
3 18pF C-EUC0402K C3, C7, C10 TDK C1005C0G1H180J DK 445-1238-1-ND
2 22pF C-EUC0402K C8_1, C9_1 Yageo CC0402JRNPO9BN220 DK 311-1018-1-ND
1 100pF C-EUC0402K C103 Kemet C0402C101J3GACTU DK 399-1022-1-ND
1 220pF C-EUC0402K C102 Kemet C0402C221K5RACTU DK 399-1030-1-ND
1 220pF/50V C-EUC1206K C4 Yageo CC1206KRX7R9BB221 DK 311-1164-1-ND
1 1nF C-EUC0402K C104 Kemet C0402C102K3RACTU DK 399-1031-1-ND
1 3.3nF C-EUC0402K C101 Kemet C0402C332K5RACTU DK 399-3070-1-ND
1 22nF/50V C-EUC1206K C6 Yageo CC1206KRX7R9BB222 DK 311-1176-1-ND
8 100nF C-EUC0402K C1_1, C2, C3_1, C4_1, C5_1, C6_1, C7_1, C106 Kemet C0402C104K8PACTU DK 99-3027-1-ND
3 100nF C-EUC0603 C8, C9, C21 Kemet C0603C104J4RACTU DK 399-1097-1-ND
1 10uF CPOL-EUA/3216-18R C18, C105 Kemet T491A106M010AS DK 399-1564-1-ND MO-80-T491A106K010
1 22uF CPOL-EUB/3528-21R C20 Kemet B45196H1226M209 DK 495-2185-1-ND
1 47uF/16V CPOL-EUD/7343-31R C5 Kemet B45197A3476K409 DK 495-1544-1-ND
1 330uF/10V CPOL-EUD/7343-31R C1 Kemet B45197A2337K509 DK 495-1536-1-ND
1 0.2F J1ROUND C77 Panasonic - ECG EEC-EN0F204J1 DK P11070CT-ND
1 AD8552RU AD8552RU IC2 Analog Devices Inc AD8552ARU DK AD8552ARU-ND
1 BAS70 BAS70 D1 Micro Commercial Co. BAS40-TP DK BAS40TPMSCT-ND
1 STPS2L STPS2L D2 STMicroelectronics STPS2L30A DK 497-3759-1-ND
1 CD4015B CD4015B IC1 Texas Instruments CD4015BPWR DK 296-14090-1-ND
1 12MHz CRYSTAL_CTS Q1 CTS-Frequency Controls 405C35B12M00000 DK CTX639CT-ND
1 DDTA143 MUN2111T1 T1 Diodes Inc DDTA143ZCA-7 DK DDTA143ZCADICT-ND
1 L5973D L5973D REG1 STMicroelectronics L5973D013TR DK 497-3638-1-ND
1 REG1117 REG1117 REG2 National Semiconductor LM1117MP-3.3 DK LM1117MP-3.3CT-ND
1 LEA-4P LEA-4P GPS Microblox LEA-4P-0-000-0 -
1 GPS_ANT_13 GPS_ANT_13 ANTENNA Sangshin KSA-ST1580MS13 -
1 LPC2148 LPC2148 MCU Philips LPC2148FBD64-S DK 568-1765-ND

DK = digikey

MO = mouser

RS = radiospares