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AOA_adc is a simple module that has been written to test the flight behaviour with a Angle Of Attack sensor.

It reads the value of an defined ADC port and converts it to an angle.

Implementation option A

A mode variable named h_ctl_pitch_mode in the stabilization_attitude.c enables to switch between estimator_theta (IMU) and estimator_AOA to control the elevator.


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Angle of Attack ADC Sensor

  • US DIGITAL MA3-A10-236-N

If you are using the analog version of this sensor, be sure to connect it to a 5V tolerant ADC on you autopilot. For instance ADC2 on Lisa/M is not 5V tolerant, so a voltage divider is needed to scale the signal down to 3.3V. ModuleXML

  • AOA_adc.xml

Code- and headerfile

  • sw/airborne/modules/sensors

Settings file

  • AOA_adc.xml

Airframe Adjustments

  • (1) Insert the software module in the airframe:
    <load name="AOA_adc.xml">  
      <configure name="ADC_AOA" value="ADC_6"/>
      <define name="AOA_OFFSET" value="-0.135000005364"/>   
      <define name="AOA_FILTER" value="0.875999987125"/>   
      <define name="USE_AOA"/>  
  • Legend:
    • The ACS_AOA defines on whitch port the US Digital Sensor is connected to.
    • The AOA_OFFSET is needed to adjust the Zero rad mark in the normal flightposition. It can be changed with the AOA_adc.xml settings loaded.
    • The AOA_FILTER describes the PT1 filter value of the angle. 0 = no filter
    • Define USE_AOA to make the module work.
  • (2) Load the settings XML in the GCS: AOA_adc.xml
  • (3) Now you can turn on the pitch stabilization by setting the PITCH_Mode to 1
    • PITCH_Mode = 0 --> estimator_thata from IMU (default)