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The Kinomap website allows people to share videos with gps track information. The Kinomap uploader application (windows only) requires an NMEA log file and the video file. Converting the paparazzi log file to nmea is currently done using a perl script in SVN: sw/in_progress/log_parser

Examples of paparazzi kinomap tracks:

1. UAV Show Europe 2010 Camp de Souge near Bordeaux. Funjet
2. Aerotop 2010 Poitier Airport. Funjet

Steps to prepare:

Install gpsbabel:

sudo apt-get install gpsbabel


download tar.gz from (I got 1.4.1) and compile

Install perl and necessary libraries:

sudo apt-get install perl libgeo-coordinates-utm-perl

Steps to do the conversion:

> cp sw/in_progress/log_parser
> cd sw/in_progress/log_parser
> ./log2nmea logfile

At this point you can also run to get a 3d kml file for viewing in google-earth

>./nmea2kml logfile.nmea


Before importing into the uploader application, pass the nmea file through the kinomap gps file fixer application.

Adding a logo can be accomplished using mencoder using the following script:

insert here

The transparent ENAC/Paparazzi logo is here: File:Enac paparazzi logo.jpg