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The GCS is able to provide the messages of the console via the speakers by starting with the option -speech.

On Ubuntu this works out of the box with speech-dispatcher and espeak.

Make sure speech-dispatcher and espeak are installed

sudo apt-get install speech-dispatcher espeak

You can test your setup with

spd-conf -d

On OS X (10.6 tested) this works out of the box with say.

You can test your setup with

say "whatever you want your computer to say"

Note that in OS X, multiple calls in quick succession from the GCS will start multiple say processes, resulting in multiple messages being spoken at the same time, making it sound rather garbled. This tends to happen when the GCS is first initialized.

Using festival

If you want to use festival instead you need to install some packages and configure the speech-dispatcher to use festival.

Packages Installation

Install festival, speech-dispatcher, speech-dispatcher-festival and python-speechd packages, if not already installed.

sudo apt-get install festival speech-dispatcher speech-dispatcher-festival python-speechd


Edit speechd.conf in /etc/speech-dispatcher/ with the command

sudo gedit /etc/speech-dispatcher/speechd.conf
  AddModule "espeak"       "sd_espeak"   "espeak.conf"
AddModule "festival" "sd_festival" "festival.conf"
#AddModule "flite" "sd_flite" "flite.conf"
#AddModule "espeak-generic" "sd_generic" "espeak-generic.conf"
#AddModule "epos-generic" "sd_generic" "epos-generic.conf"
#AddModule "dtk-generic" "sd_generic" "dtk-generic.conf"
#AddModule "ibmtts" "sd_ibmtts" "ibmtts.conf"
#AddModule "cicero" "sd_cicero" "cicero.conf"

DefaultModule festival

Optionally edit festival.conf in /etc/speech-dispatcher/modules/ and change/uncomment the following lines (these are the defaults so they don't need to be uncommented if not changed):

  # Address where the Festival server runs (you have to 
# have a Festival server running, please see documentation).
FestivalServerHost "localhost"
FestivalServerPort 1314

Starting the applications/servers

Type in the command window:

festival --server

You can test with

spd-conf --test-festival
spd-conf -d

You might have to kill your current speech-dispatcher for the changes to take effect.

Start the GCS with the -speech option and there you go!