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This is a documentation draft for installing mission planning software.

  1. Get clean sources of paparazzi.
  2. Install ocaml-native-compilers.
  3. Get a working FaCiLe library.
  4. Patch the airborne navigation code with this small patch
    1. Put the patch in the paparazzi3/sw directory.
    2. Beaware it breaks nav.c
    3. Run patch -p0 < paparazzi_gph_flavour.patch
  5. Unpack theses conf files into the paparazzi/conf directory.
  6. Copy messages.xml to paparazzi_messages.xml
  7. Copy into the paparazzi/tools directory.
  8. Add merge_messages.out in target all of the Makefile
  9. merge your message with ./merge_messages.out > $paparazzi_src/conf/messages.xml
  10. copy the Solver and the paparazzi implementation