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UU0 USB to UART adapter V1.1

UU0 is a low cost USB to UART adapter dongle. UU0 is based on the FTDI chipset and offers direct connection to the laptop over a USB A connector. It can be used for connecting telemetry modems like the R0 or autopilots like Elle0 or Lisa/MX to your computer. This makes it together with the R0 a very compact and easy to use USB dongle for telemetry. UU0 also provides the Molex Picoblade null modem connector. This makes it possible to extend the connection between UU0 and the R0 radios using a provided cable.


  • FTDI USB to Serial FIFO
  • TX & RX LEDs
  • USB-A connector
  • 100mil FTDI cable compatible pin-header
  • Molex Picoblade null modem connector



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Where to Buy

R0 Radio Kit containing the UU0 adapters is available for purchase at the 1BitSquared store.