Tiny GPS config

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  1. Must have loaded USB Boot Loader software
  2. Must have loaded "tunnel"
  3. Must have downloaded and installed u-center
  4. Must have downloaded, uncompressed the LEA-4P config file

Required Cables:

  1. Ftdicbl.jpgFTDI Serial Adapter Cable
  2. Gpscbl1.jpg8-pin Molex Picoblade connector to 6-pin FTDI cable


  1. Connect FTDI Cable + 8-pin Molex adapter to USB on your laptop
  2. Connect 8-pin Molex to "serial1" on Tiny2.11
  3. Power on Tiny2.11
  4. Start u-center application
  5. set connection 'baudrate' to 9600BPS (LEA-4P factory default)
  6. Menu: Tools/GPS Config select the file to upload (LEA-4P file downloaded)
  7. Click File >> GPS button to send the file to the GPS
  8. About 2/3 the way through it will stop. At this point change 'baudrate' to 38,4000 connection and it will continue and finish