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Note: This page is a template. It contains no Paparazzi related information but should be used as part of other articles. For more information, read Help:Templates.

Please do not experiment with this template, it could mess up all pages using this template.

This Template generates a Paparazzi Release block.

This template takes the following parameter:

  • 1 Version ie. v5.8.0_stable
  • 2 Branch name ie. v5.8

So if you include the following:

{{P Release|v5.8.0_stable|v5.8}}

you will get:

Latest Stable Release: v5.8.0_stable

Semaphore CI Build Status
Download as tarball or checkout the v5.8 branch from git.
Releases can be found at https://github.com/paparazzi/paparazzi/releases