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At 6.1 Expressions there is the entry:

"some internal autopilot variables (not fully documented, see examples)".

I think it would be very helpful to start a list of these variables, in order to know how powerful flightplan programming can be.

In order to start (may be alphabetically):

* autopilot_flight_time := time since autopilot was booted
* datalink_time := time since last connection of telemetry to ground control station
* GetPosAlt() := returns the current altitude above ground level
* GetPosX() := returns x (easting) of current position (relative to reference???)
* GetPosY() := returns y (northing) of current position (relative to reference???)
* ground_alt := altitude above ground level
* nav_radius := default radius as given in the airframe file
* NavKillThrottle() := function to switch off throttle
* PowerVoltage() := return current voltage of the battery
* InsideKill(GetPosX(), GetPosY())) := inside of a point???

==> Done the 02/09/16