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The Texas Instruments OMAP processors have been integrated into a number of popular, low-cost and powerful single-board computers and COMs (computer-on-modules) to provide full Linux OS access with both high- and low-level hardware interfaces (such as USB 2.0, ethernet, serial, SPI, I2C, etc.). Some of the most popular and accessible platforms include the Gumstix Overo series and the Beagleboard series.

It is noted that while there have been a variety of successful integrations, some experimentation may be required due to limited documentation and the large number of potential applications.

Autopilot Integration

OMAP boards can be connected to a number of Paparazzi autopilots in two ways:

  • using a Gumstix board as a daughterboard, as in Lisa/L or the Classix.
  • connecting to an OMAP board externally with a cable of some sort

There are several feasible interface methods (some have been explored thoroughly, others less so):

  • SPI connection (as used on Lisa/L)
  • Serial connection
  • USB connection (often as a USB serial port, with the autopilot in peripheral mode connected to an OMAP host port)

Gumstix Overo

Brief description, target integration (directly on Lisa/L, combination with TWOG or others) List of documentation (some more complete than others):

Other Boards

Beagleboard, Pandaboard, etc... No documentation yet, please add if you have experience :)


Gumstix Basix

The Classix autopilot was the first Paparazzi board to allow a Gumstix Basix as a daughterboard.