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NoVa Quadrotor

NoVa is a new quadrotor that uses Paparazzi hardware as well as software. The goal of this project was to create a durable and affordable quadrotor that integrated with the existing paparazzi project. Custom airborne software links NoVa to the paparazzi GCS. Segregating its specific code will allow users to fly their fixed wing UAVs in the same up to date CVS tree as NoVa.

Hopefully soon you will see more updates, pictures, videos, and hopefully build plans. For now let me leave my email If you have any questions feel free to drop a line. Enjoy the pictures!

UPDATE 10/07/08: With some coaxing from a buddy, I implimented the kalman filter from Rotomotion tonight. Seems to function similarly to my comp filter, but tighter, with less overshoot and historysis. Ill fly it this weekend and see if it makes things better.

Also, I have a new LEA5H gps on the way, along with an ultrasonic altimeter. Should be a couple fun toys to play with.

More info on Paparazzi VTOL applications can be found on the Booz page.


  • Inexpensive brushless motors
  • Uses traditional brushless ESCs
  • Onboard Tiny2.0 makes it paparazzi compatible
  • Real time tuning and plotting using paparazzi GCS
  • Attitude Stabilization using IMU + Complimentary filter
  • Rugged Construction of fiberglass and carbon fiber


  • Rotorspan: 27.0" (686mm)
  • Weight: 24oz (670g) _all up_
  • Weight w/o battery (for estimation): 16oz (450g)
  • Flight duration w/ 4100mAh battery ~ 15 minutes

Payload Options

  • Approximately 200 gram payload capable.

Current Setup and BOM



  • 1 0.250" Square carbon tube -
  • 1 0.125" Wood dowel - Local hardware store
  • 1 1/16" 12x12 G-10 Composite sheet -
  • 32 1/2" 2-56 flat machine screw -
  • 32 2-56 machine nut -
  • 12 1/4' 2-56 aluminum M-F standoffs -
  • 4 3/4' 2-56 aluminum M-F standoffs -

Power Plant


  • 4 1300 Kv Brushless outrunners -
  • 4 CC Phoenix 10 speed controllers -
  • 4 10x4.7 propellers 2 each direction -
  • 4 Prop saver Prop adapters -
  • 1 2 cell 4000mAh battery -



  • 1 Paparazzi autopilot -
  • 1 Xbee radio modem(or similar) -
  • 1 Berg 4l RC receiver -
  • 1 3 axis accelerometer -
  • 3 1 axis ADXRS150 Gyros -

Estimated Parts cost ~ $600 + autopilot


Tabletop launch
Staying in the yard
Escaping into the night
Staying in the yard... again
Hovering against a mountain backdrop
Hovering towards the neighbors
Blending in with the neighbors
Its a bird, Its a plane!