MeteoStick v1.00

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MeteoStick is a temperature, humidity, absolute pressure (barometer) and differential pressure (airspeed/pitot) precision measurement board.

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MeteoStick v1.00 top side

Hardware Revision History

Version # Release Date Release Notes
v1.00 11/2014 Initial release of MeteoStick



  • designed for standard external PT1000 RTD temperature sensor
  • 24bit resolution ADC (SPI)


  • designed for IST P14 (Rapid/Femtocap) external capacitive humidity sensor
  • Humidity controlled oscillator (square wave)


  • inboard MPXH6115AC6U Freescale absolute pressure sensor
  • 24bit resolution ADC (SPI)


  • inboard MPXV5004DP Freescale differential pressure sensor
  • 24bit resolution ADC (SPI)

Calibration parameters

  • 256kbit(64byte) non-volatile memory for sensor calibration values

Power Supply

  • 7 to 20v (3-4 Lipo cells)



MeteoStick v100 pinout.png

Pins Name and Type are specified with respect to the MeteoStick Board

Pin # Name Type Description
1 GND PWR Common Ground
2 VBAT PWR +7 to 20V Power Supply (3-4 Lipo Cells)

Pin # Name Type Description
1 GND PWR Common Ground
2 CS BARO IN Barometer ADC Chip Select (Active Low)
3 CS PITOT IN Airspeed/Pitot ADC Chip Select (Active Low)
4 CS TEMP IN Temperature ADC Chip Select (Active Low)
5 CS MEM IN EEPROM Memory Chip Select (Active Low)
6 SCLK IN SPI Clock Input (Clock Output from Master)
7 MOSI IN SPI Master Out Slave In. MeteoStick Data Input (Data Output from Master)
8 MISO OUT SPI Master In Slave Out. MeteoStick Data Output (Data Input from Master)
9 HUM OUT Humidity Controlled Oscillator Output

Pin # Name Type Description
1 TEMP SENS IN Temperature Sensor Input (PT1000 RTD)
2 TEMP SENS IN Temperature Sensor Input (PT1000 RTD)
3 HUM SENS IN Humidity Sensor Input (P14 Capacitive)
4 HUM SENS IN Humidity Sensor Input (P14 Capacitive)


MeteoStick v1.00 Schematic


Gerber & Drill Files

2 Layers PCB design Eurocircuits 6-C class compliant:

Download MeteoStick v1.00 gerber & drill files (zip)

RS274X, units = Inches, format = 2:5

  • MeteoStick_v100_Silkscreen_Top.GBR (Top Print Layer)
  • MeteoStick_v100_Soldermask_Top.GBR (Top Solder Mask)
  • MeteoStick_v100_Paste_Mask_Top.GBR (Top Paste Mask, stencil)
  • MeteoStick_v100_Signal_Top.GBR (Top Copper Layer)
  • MeteoStick_v100_Signal_Bottom.GBR (Bottom Copper Layer)
  • MeteoStick_v100_Soldermask_Bottom.GBR (Bottom Solder Mask)
  • MeteoStick_v100_Outline.GBR (Board Outline)
  • MeteoStick_v100_Drill.GBR (NC XY coordinates & Drill tools sizes)


Components Layout

Mechanical Dimensions

MeteoStick v1.00 Top Mechanical Dimensions MeteoStick v1.00 Side Mechanical Dimensions

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