Laird RM024 setup

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This Page describes the Setup of the Laird RM024 Modem.

Connect both Modems

  1. Connect both Modems to the PC via UART, remember which modem is on which COM port
  2. Laird software > pc settings tab
  3. Select RM024 in the product drop down menue
  4. Find Ports
  5. Port1 > first Modem (this will be Server (GCS) further down)
  6. Change baud rate (115200 is factory configuration, Paparazzi standard is 57600)
  7. Enable Port2 checkbox
  8. Port2 > second Modem (this will be Client (UAV) further down)
  9. Change baud rate

Basic setup

This simple setup allows a transmission between a server and at least one client modem with the same System ID and Channel.

  1. Configure tab > set to Port1 (bottom left)
  2. Read Radio
  3. Change Baud rate to 57600 (Paparazzi standard)
  4. Change Mode to Server, Select Broadcast under Radio Features
  5. Choose RF profile with low speed (280kbps) for long range (default)
  6. Set Channel and System ID number (must be the same at the other Modem)
  7. Write Radio
  8. Set to Port2 (on the bottom left)
  9. Repeat step 2 to 7 but this time use Client mode and Auto Destination under Radio Features(not Broadcast)
  10. Move the radios at least 5 feet apart (according to Laird User Manual)

Transparent mode

The transparent mode is different from the XBee modems transparent mode. It will only allow two modems to communicate with each other. The target modem is set via the MAC adress in the EEPROM of the opposite. Only these two modems can communicate with each other, other modes can not disrupt the communication.

Both Modems need to bet on the same Channel and System ID

  1. Configure tab > set to Port1 (bottom left)
  2. Read Radio
  3. Show Default
  4. Set baud rate to 57600 (Paparazzi standard)
  5. Set Server Mode
  6. Write Radio
  7. Repear step 2 to 5 on Port 2, Client modem
  8. Pairing

API mode

In this mode, the destination Modem is choosen with th MAC adress.

This is just a copy of the old setup from the modems page

We need at least a simple form of address resolution as the modems own (MAC) address can not be changed. This makes the ground station link and on-board software a little more complicated than the XBee API mode.


Testing the Setup

  1. Range Test tab > select transmitting direction (Port 1 <-> Port 2 for bidirectional test)
  2. Create Data (the number defines the lengh of the random created string)
  3. Select Continuous checkbox
  4. Click Run (F10)

Additional (required) Settings

These Settings can be set in every operation mode and maybe are set by your state.

Max Power

Take a look at the Modems#Frequencies AND competent authority.
Sending on wrong frequencies or with a higher power can cause serious problems with your state.


43 Hops for CE (Europe)
79 Hops for FCC (USA)


If a external Antenna is used "Antenna Select" MUST be set !
Without this setting the modem can not work properly, even a human hand can disrupt the communication !