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How to use git with the paparazzi subversion repository. See the Git - SVN crash course for an introduction into git for svn users or have a look the pretty comprehensive git-svn intro for how to use git together with svn. To get an understanding off the git internals the video Getting Git is excellent.

Get the code

First clone the master repo from github as described here.

If you list the remote branches with git branch -r, you can see that you now have the subversion branches under github/svn/*. To update from this github mirror just run

git fetch

To be able to commit back to svn as well you will have to set this up. First make sure you have a proper svn-authors file (the AUTHORS file in the paparazi3 root dir has the correct format):

cp AUTHORS .git/svnauthorsfile

and tell git to use it

git config svn.authorsfile .git/svnauthorsfile

Since you only have the commits but not the SVN metadata you need to rebuild it. First make the all refs look just like they would look from a fresh import using git update-ref. To do this for all branches listed under github/svn/ you can run this small script:

git for-each-ref refs/remotes/github/svn/ | cut -d / -f 5- |
while read ref
git update-ref refs/remotes/svn/"$ref" github/svn/"$ref"

Tell git where to find the SVN repository and rebuild the index:

git svn init -s --prefix=svn/ svn+ssh://<username>
git svn fetch

If you want to inspect your configuration work have a look at your .git/config file.

To get the changes from the master branch on the git mirror run

git pull

or to get all the changes (including the ones from the svn branches) without merging the in run

git fetch github

To update directly from svn run

git svn rebase

Gitk is your friend if you want to visualise all branches and history:

gitk --all