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Up to date information on who is working on Paparazzi can be found on GitHub

Below is a very short list of the main people involved in the project in the past as well as their roles. The paparazzi project does not have a rigid structure like some other projects, but this list should help if you are looking for someone to discuss your problems or ideas or want to contribute. The list is not in any particular order.

Nickname Realname Role
Poine Antoine Drouin Founder
hecto Pascal Brisset Founder
flixr Felix Ruess Maintainer & Software developer
gautierhattenberger Gautier Hattenberger Software Developer
dewagter Christophe De Wagter Software Developer
paulcox Paul Cox Software Developer
martinmm Martin Müller Software Developer
lamestllama Eric Parsonage Software Developer
rbdavison Bernard Davison Software Developer, CI server & Portability maintainer
bartremes Bart Remes Software Developer
openuas Erik vanderHorst Software Developer
noether Hector Garcia de Marina Control engineer and Software developer
stephend Stephen Dwyer Documentation and Wiki coordinator
esden Piotr Esden-Tempski Software & Hardware developer, IRC Admin, Mailnglist Admin