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Corsica is a common project from ISAE - SUPAERO and ENAC. The challenge is to develop a mini-electric UAV able to fly over the Mediterranean sea from Nice to Corsica (distance : 180km).

Logo Corsica Corsica Fuselage moulds Fuselage Skin Proto 1

You will find other pictures here : Corsica Picasa


We will take off around Nice and land at Calvi. The distance to fly is about 180km.



  • Span: 1.5 m
  • Wing area: 0.21 m2
  • Weight: 2 kg
  • Cruise speed: 15 m/s = 54km/h
  • Batteries: 3 lipo-cells, 21Ah tested at 18Ah
  • Range: 250km


Corsica should be capable to fly more than 250km at its designed conditions. Only the batteries have been tested and are not as good as expected. According to our last calculations, the first prototype should be able to fly around 220km.


The manufacturing is in process and the first plane should be ready by the end of January. The first prototype is ready to fly and the first flight is scheduled March 5.


First manufactured plane in early February

First flight in early March

Second manufactured plane in late March

Third manufactured plane in late April

Trip to Corsica in early June


Motor : SRV0

Right : SRV2

Left : SRV6

Elevator : SRV7

Current sensor : ADC3 (ie ADC1)

Gyro : ADC5 (ie ADC2)

Battery yellow wire : 3.7V

Battery white wire : 7.4V

ESC idle consumption : 90 mA

Tiny idle consumption : 120 mA

Corsica idle consumption : 250 mA -> 3W

Batteries internal resistance : 53 mOhm


We will use an onboard GSM transceiver who will send to a ground station the position, battery voltage, speed ... each minute. We hope the GSM network will work in the middle of the sea.


Here is a list of all the people who work on this project:

Jean-Marc MOSCHETTA, aerodynamic teacher

Dominique BERNARD, pilot

Murat BRONZ, PhD

Xavier FOULQUIER, composite lab, manufacturing

Guy MIRABEL, composite lab, manufacturing

Florent DUPONT, second year student, conception and integration

Loris RION, second year student, conception and integration

Charles PLACHOT, second year student, conception and integration

Pierre TOUCAS, second year student, conception and integration

Miguel MORERE, second year student, flight tests

Pierre JOACHIM, second year student, flight tests

Guillaume SOETE, second year student, propulsion

Benjamin FRAGNIERE, second year student, propulsion

ENAC team :


Michel GORRAZ, electronic teacher

Pascal BRISSET, computer science teacher

François-Xavier MARMET, second year student, GSM communication

Joris SCATTOLIN, second year student, GSM communication

Thibault LEFEZ, second year student, reglementation and authorizations, GSM communication (ground station)