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Paparazzi Community Flight Log Archive

Tentatively hosted at :

scripts currently stored at :

During construction this is limited to dev notes


  • view logs
    • sort methods : by date, aircraft name, location, duration, other?
    • add kinomap link
  • upload logs
    • data/log files and email
    • flight description (present textfield at file upload or summary page or both?)

things to add

  • command line utility to upload logs without having to use browser
    • asks for flight details to put in flight description
  • add user census tab
    • user name, location, group affiliation, wiki user page link,
    • contact info (option for public or private)
    • checkbox (can paparazzi maintainers contact you to request more info for user census?)
    • sub page for each aircraft or project (will be linked to relevant logs)
      • list of airframe files extracted from logs (stored as files or in git or something?)
      • pictures
  • add "Top Scores" tab with records for max speed, max alt, max flight duration, etc
  • add google maps polyline for flight trajectory and plot flight plan waypoints
  • uploading
    • check that log and data files have same name (in case user by mistake tries to upload two files that aren't related)
  • parsing
    • generate file of telemetry fields (name, count, and all series data), store in upload area (create sub for each flight?)
    • store standard plots of each field as user requests them (script then looks for already existing file before generating)

  • plotting
    • select the log field to plot, example bat->voltage
    • all points plotted (default to takeoff to landing time)
    • start/end time can be adjusted (boxes)
    • maybe allow multiple plots on the same page (how many?)

  • kinomap/video integration
    • viewing log page a link is already provided to nmea file (for user to use in kinomap app directly if they want)\
    • a link is provided to kinomap if the flight has already been uploaded there
    • script in paparazzi runs ffmpeg then uses api to upload
      • video uploaded to ppzi via ftp or http, is transcoded then sent to kinomap
      • log flight sync done either by user giving video time of takeoff (potentially this could be found automatically with some vision sw)
    • certain video frames can be selected as flight thumbnails (separate page?)
      • user indicates the time offset of frame of interest
      • when plotting logs, a frame for a time of interest can be displayed (either clicking on graph or entering time in a box)
  • sql backend
    • to avoid storing in files and doing interesting queries
  • user management
    • user password
    • add/delete planes