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John Burt








Bernard Davison

U of Arizona Autonomous Glider



Name Location Hardware Joined Current activities / project status
Wangcfan China Tiny2.11 2008 The beginning, is now in learning phase;Learning in Tiny2.11 using the method of IMU!
MNW China Tiny2.11 2009 Just starting,having troubles with parts.
Shubham India Tiny2.11 2009 Writing the configuration code for airframe
M Mundhra India Tiny 1.3 2007 Gain tuning on a flying wing configuration airframe
Jianlun Singapore TWOG V1 2008 trying to get TWOG onto an EasyStar. very much a newbie!
prashanth India Tiny 2.11 2008 6 autonomous flights till now, currently build a new wing like funjet
spencer Taipei, Taiwan none 2009 research for now, hope to take aerial photos of Taipei City soon


Name Location Hardware Joined Current activities / project status
Martin Piehslinger Vienna, Austria Tiny 2.11 2008 just starting
TomS Graz, Austria Tiny 2.11 2008 Starting to complete the wiring for the tiny and then trying to apply it to my TwinStar II.

X-MicroDrones Paris, France Tiny 2.11, Quad-Tilt-Rotor VTOL 2008 Wiring completed, first flights soon... We're trying to adapt Paparazzi to a Quad-Tilt-Rotor VTOL able to perform both airplane-like and helicopter-like flights. Working on inertial measurement units implementation.
Philippe Volivert Paris, France TWOG 2.12, EasyGlider, MPX3030 July 2009 Working on pan/tilt/roll camera
ESTACA Modélisme Paris, France TWOG 2.11, Swift 2, MC22 January 2010 Starting
Paul Cox Toulouse Tiny v2.11 Nov. 2008 GWS Slow Stick flying in AUTO2 reliably. Starting on stabilized video and payload drops Skype: pauldanielcox Gtalk: [use email]
Maik Hoepfel Berlin, Germany TWOG, Graupner Elektro Trainer S, Futaba 9C 35 Mhz August 2009 Getting started, planning to eventually use Paparazzi for a powered parachute
Marcus Wolschon Freiburg, Germany Gumstix, Paraplane 2008 Porting Paparazzi to Linux-Userland with UDP-communication using mesh-networking.

UDP-Downlink working, GPS via GPSD working, Pararazzi in Linux working, Hardware still RC-only due to sensor-soldering-issues

Felix Ruess Munich, Germany Booz2 quadrotor 2008 flying, but a lot to improve ;-)
Rui Costa Azores, Portugal Outrunner Twinstar II with Tiny 2.11, Aerocomm datalink, 1W video tx 2008 Only ground test and software configuration.
Nuno Guedes Lamego, Portugal Tiny 2.11 2008 Starting

MarkG Geneva, Switzerland Modified Tiny v2.11, TWOG v1, EeePC as GCS, Multiplex FunJet & EasyStar 2008 Many successful flights.
CedricM Geneva, Switzerland Tiny 2.11, Multiplex FunJet with video camera 2008 Many successful flights working on an osd module and weather probes.

Alan K Middlesbrough, England Tiny 2.11 & MaxStream 2008 Just starting.
Gareth R Sheffield, UK Tiny 2.11, video, bunch of helicopters, Multiplex Mentor, Multiplex Funjet, Multiplex Fox, GWS Formosa 2008 Came 4th in EMAV09 (although won the Golden Balls award for courage in the face of adversity and exceptional partying). Many AUTO2 flights with a camera and XBee868s. Current main airframe is a GWS Formosa (they are so cheap!).

SilaS Budapest Tiny 1.3,2.11, Twog 1.0 2007 Applied tiny to GWS Estarter, finished long travels in AUTO2. Now transfert it to a Twinstar and working on pairing tiny with FPV. Successfull. Now using it on large gliders and jets.
Chris Efstathiou Piraeus Hellas tiny 2.11 on a Mpx EasyGlider, TWOG 1.3 on a Boomerang turbine jet 2008 The Easyglider is fully operational, still working on the jet which had his first flight with the TWOG at 25/1/2009
Andrew Saenko Russia, St-Petersburg Tiny 1.13, Tiny 2.11, 2.5 kg motorised glider, 800 g plane 2007 Automatic flight, adding own code.
David "Buzz" Carlson Cyprus Tiny 2.11, Lynx EDF & GWS SloStick, 9XTend datalink 2008 Quite a few AUTO2 flights. Plane currently grounded due to a TX run-in with a 1 year-old. Currently working on getting new TX and completing CBP store setup.
AneMos-Group Patras, Greece Tiny 2.11, Quadrotor VTOL 2008 Working on IMU, Trying to implement Constrained Control for the quadrotor trajectory flight
Allan Ojala (VAMK) Vaasa, Finland TWOG, with AC4790 radio and LEA-5H GPS 2009 Ditched the SIG Kadet. Built a new big plane TaigaCam. Self-build model made out of EPP and a plastic tube.
Phineas Bucharest, Romania Tiny2.11 (PPZUAV) November 2009 Just started to set-up

Luke Torino, Italy TWOG December 2009 Close to mount the AP on my Mentor

North America

Name Location Hardware Joined Current activities / project status
Matthew Currie Nanaimo, BC Canada Tiny 13 v1.1 (Self-built) November 2006 Funjet + XBee
John Burt wiki page Portland, Oregon Tiny v2.11 + LEA-4H (PPZUAV), Multiplex Cularis/Easystar, 9Xtend modem, T7CAP TX, ground station: EEE PC701 and/or Nokia N810 Jan 2009 Initial flight tests w/ Easystar in AUTO1 & AUTO2.

Pat O'Gara St. Paul, MN Tiny 2.11 and TWOG (PPZUAV) Oct. 2008 Completed and flown FunJet and Minimag in Auto 2. Currently rebuilding MiniMag as an improved development platform.
John Koches Muskegon, Michigan Tiny 2.11 (PPZUAV) 2007 currently flying a 48 inch zagi, 80 inch under construction.
Steve Deguir New York,New York Tiny2.11+LEA-5H (PPZUAV), XbeePro 2.4, Berg4L, JR FMA Feb 2009
David Conger San Diego (Ramona), California Tiny1.3 (PPZUAV) Sept 2007 Flying Wing MAV with onboard video. Test platform for the new 900mhz XBPro 900 RF modems.
Michael Evans Seaside(Monterey Bay), California Tiny2.11 (PPZUAV) Feb 2009
USU AggieAir Remote Sensing Logan, UT TWOG (PPZUAV) January 2009 Building 72" Flying Wings which will be used for remote sensing. Routine autonomous flight.
USU OSAM-UAV Logan, UT TWOG (PPZUAV) June 2007 2x72" 5x48" 1x60" Flying Wings. Research backyard for AggieAir Remote Sensing. Routine autonomous flight.
CSU Fuel Cell UAV Fort Collins, Co Tiny 2.11 + LEA-5H (PPZUAV), 2.4Ghz XBPro Mar 2009 Maiden flight complete Feb 28. New Airframe in development.
Armen Gharibans La Jolla, California Tiny2.11 (PPZUAV) March 2009 UCSD Project with Multiplex Mentor. Completed August 2, 2009. Several Successful Auto2 Flights. A LOT of help from David Conger.
Elden Crom Tucson, AZ Twog 1.0 July 2009 Multiplex Twinstar, XBee Pro. Several Successful Auto2 Flights. Working toward precise Auto-Takeoff and Auto-Land
U of Arizona Autonomous Glider Tucson, AZ None, will use TWOG 1.0 December 2009 Super Dimona, Aerocomm. No Flight test. Working toward setting waypoints within Paparazzi code
[Reegan] Lubbock, TX Planning on Tiny 2.11 (PPZUAV), 900mhz XBPro Dec. 2009 Gaining info to begin a collegiate project
Team UAV UALR Caleb Tenberge Little Rock, AR Using TWOG 1.0 Feb 2010 Using a Telemaster, we are learning the GCS and building our plane.

New User 1 2 3 4

Central America

Name Location Hardware Joined Current activities / project status
Joekadet David Panama' Tiny v2.11/LEA-4P, RF Modems XBee Pro 2.4 GHz (PPZUAV). Multiplex Mentor 2008 Seven flights now. Flights 6 & 7 in Auto2. Now only a matter of fine tuning.
New User 1 2 3 4


Name Location Hardware Joined Current activities / project status
Todd Sandercock Adelaide, SA Tiny v2.11, Multiplex Twinjet, 9Xtend modems Jan 2008 Completed successful flight testing. Now designing new airframe.
Reuben Brown Gawler, SA Tiny v2.11 May 2009 Getting the autopilot set up
Bernard Davison Neutral Bay, NSW Tiny v2.11, Vertical + Horizontal IR sensors, XBee PRO modems, Futaba T6EXAP TX, Futaba R136F RX, Funjet, MacBook laptop August 2008 Several flights in Auto1
Chris Gough Canberra TWOG v2.11, EZ* September 09 not yet airborn
Adam Amos Sydney TWOG, IMU, BORJET MAJA March 2010 not yet airborn


Name Location Hardware Joined Current activities / project status
W1th South Africa KZN TWOG V1 ,LEA-5H GPS , RF Modems XBee Pro 868 (CheBuzz) July 2009 Got TWOG,GPS etc interfacing with Laptop and working , Have not done anything to it recently but...Made a website SCARF Paparazzi-UAV of my struggle ...