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The new Storm Frame is designed according to Solar-Storm's flight conditions and for a long endurance flight. Unfortunately the EMAV09 Outdoor Endurance Mission has simulated by the number of laps that is completed between 2 poles 500m apart from each other, so the design is converted to a long range MAV by optimizing battery weight to total weight ratio and flight speed while staying at the optimum L/D point of the airframe. Finally Fire-Storm has born.

Fire Storm with IMAV2011 AWARD

Fire Storm

Latest News

  • September 2011 : Fire Storm won the "Best Outdoor Endurance" award by demonstrating 105+ minutes of flight in IMAV 2011 competition in 't Harde. This is an official proof of its performance.


  • Span: 500 mm
  • Weight: 400 g (current configuration)


Fire-Storm has not been tested for its designed total weight yet. However the light version (2x1320mAh LiPo batteries) is already capable of :

  • Endurance: 100 minutes
  • Range: 96 km

Note: These numbers are taken from the actual flight tests in August in Toulouse. (with an 8m/s average wind)

For any futher information please contact : Murat BRONZ