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The paparazzi GCS has the ability to plot a camera footprint onto the map. By default the footprint will be for a camera pointing straight down.

The camera's horizontal field of view and vertical field of view can be set in the airframe file:

  <section name="CAM">
    <define name="CAM_HFV" value="65.1"/>
    <define name="CAM_VFV" value="40.2"/>

A gimbaled camera will need to send a pan/tilt message to the server. A cam point module is available that will point a pan/tilt camera using servos.

If a custom gimbal and module is being used, then the custom module will need to send the CAM message to the server.

     <message name="CAM" id="20">
        <field name="pan" type="int16" unit="deg"/>
        <field name="tilt" type="int16" unit="deg"/>
        <field name="target_x" type="int16" unit="m"/>
        <field name="target_y" type="int16" unit="m"/>

The server code is capable of mixing a full 3 axis gimbal with modifications. The modifications required to do this involve sending the new rotation in the cam message and enabling the use of that field in The Quaternion used in the mixing takes Tait-Bryan as input angles.