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Project notes: Raspberry Pi ground control station

I want a cheap headless GCS that speaks to me (possibly via CB radio), keeps logs, and provides a convenient place for me to tinker with agents and such (development time) with a maximally simple setup at the field. I will probably want a build system (for reflashing firmware at the field) and integration with FPV video, but those jobs are for later.

I started with a Raspberry pi (rpi) running debian squeeze, which is what I run on my field laptop, but that was a dead end. Ocaml on squeeze is 3.11.2 (with no backport available), and that version doesn't support ocamlopt on ARM architectures. So far I've learned that I should be on a wheeze-based distribution (ocaml > 3.11, supporting ocamlopt on ARM), and I probably want to utilise the hardware float so that means I'll move to raspbian next.

My plan is to mudde through and get it working, then publish an install script that makes the install process repeatable. After that I might look into packaging, but I don't know much about that (yet).

About me

I'm an open source UAV enthusuiast from Canberra (Australia), with a penchant for paparazzi and the guy behind

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  • My name is Chris Gough, some people call me Rufus (for reasons I don't fully understand).
  • the best way to reach me is christopher (dot) d (dot) gough (at) But don't call me Christopher, only my mum does that (and then only when I'm in trouble) so it's creepy/weired. Call me Chris.
  • my skype identity is christopher.d.gough, but it's not a good way to reach me.
  • On GitHub I'm monkeypants, on eBay I'm monkeypants007.
  • my phone number is (+61) 418441605 (a mobile).

I'm NOT this guy:

I mostly fly fixed-wing planes and am slowly moving to STM32, but mostly still LPC.