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Current project

Reproducing what others have already done.


To teach myself how Paparazzi works using a standard configuration that others have already built.



Tiny v2.11
Vertical and Horizontal IR sensors
XBee PRO modem
Futaba R136F Receiver
2250 mAh LiPo
30A speed controller

Ground station

Futaba T6EXAP Transmitter
XBee PRO modem
MacBook laptop running Parallels and an Ubuntu VM


July 2008

Purchased Funjet
Purchased other flight hardware. (batteries, motor, etc...)
Purchased Radio equipment. Futaba T6EXAP

August 2008

Purchased Tiny v2.11
Learnt to fly depron foamies

January 2009

Batteries, motor, etc... still haven't shown up after chasing the supplier for 6 months!!! :-( Supplier isn't going to send the hardware again even though they claimed insurance for it. :-( Will never use them again!
Still flying the depron foamies
Funjet with paint and virtical IR sensor installed in nose.

May 2009

Purchased wire, Molex Picoblade plugs, crimper, etc...
Purchased other flight hardware for a reliable supplier

June 2009

Putting hardware together with first power applied on 12 th.

November 2009

Several Manual flights to trim the airframe and configuration.
Several AUTO1 flights but more tuning still needs to be done.

Next project

Build a bigger airframe with hours of endurance instead of minutes.