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About me

  • Name: Marc Schwarzbach
  • Location: Munich, Germany
  • PhD in aerospace engineering
  • RC flying for many years, Paparazzi since 2008
  • Member of Akamodell Stuttgart (Projects like Aircargo, 9kg payload with a 2,2kg aircraft and 450W)

Planes equipped with Paparazzi


  • Easystar
    • Using standard brushed motor with 3S Lipo, no problems after many flight hours.
    • Rudder is enlarged for better control.
    • Tiny V2
    • Testbed for homebuilt paparazzi (see below)
    • Retired after research flights in Namibia
Easystar with sensors
  • FunJet
    • Flying regularly with Tiny V2
  • Mentor
    • Using homebuilt paparazzi (see Hardware section below)
Paparazzi mounting in Mentor
  • Used for photo missions with Canon camera and CHDK trigger
Camera on Mentor
  • Easystar V2
    • Testbed for LisaM2

At work / For the university

UAV at university of stuttgart (Sorry, only german for now)

Wiki Page

  • Easyglider Pro
  • Trainer
    • Wingspan 3,3m; 2kW motor; 10S2P Lipo; 12 kg
    • Used for pilot training and payload testing
    • Tiny V2
  • Adler 1
    • Wingspan 4,3m; 2x2kW motor; 2x10S2P Lipo; maximum take off 25kg (for legal reasons)
    • Used for aerial imaging and remote sensing
    • Twog
  • Adler 2
    • Similar to Adler1, lightweight structure for the fuselage
    • Manual flights performed, Paparazzi system implemented but not tested due to bad weather (16:55, 18 February 2010 (CET)).
    • Twog
Easyglider Pro
Adler1 ready for lift off
  • Multi UAV research in Canada
    • Collision simulation for sensor tests with several Paparazzi planes
    • Ultra-Stick airplanes
    • Design and construction of a 5kg class UAV
Ultrastick plane
Fleet of planes
5kg class UAV

Hardware / Software

SD-Card data logger

    • Intention as Data Logger and compatible but based on Atmel (cheaper and more familiar to me)
    • Description and files to be released when tested
  • GCS on EEEPC 900 running Debian Linux from SD-Card DebianEeePC
SD logger prototype top
SD logger bottom
EEEPC running GCS

Homebuilt Paparazzi System

    • Based on the idea of Hochschule Bremen using an Olimex developement board
    • Single layer pcb layout, produced with a CNC mill using PCB-GCode
    • Changed layout of infrared sonsors for easyer soldering and components available at my electronic retailer
    • Testflight today: success! (23:13, 24 February 2010 (CET))
    • Not very efficient(7805...), light, small or beautiful, but it works
    • After some minor corrections files will be uploaded

The "big TWOG" :-)
pcb side
IR single sensor
IR dual sensor

ADS-B Receiver based on USB-SDR stick

  • Tool for adding intruder aircraft to the GCS and the uplink Wiki Page ADS-B