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Elden Crom

US Just started using paparazzi on a Twinstar. It works reasonably well, but I'm still learning to tune it (altitude does not work well).

Media:Flight_09_12_10__07_03_14.kmz This file can be opened with googleearth. (googleearth/KML works well in ubuntu, see [1] if using nvidia you'll need their drivers) If you download Flight_09_12_10__07_03_14.kmz and 'unzip' it (unzip Flight_09_12_10__07_03_14.kmz) you can see the files used to make it as well. An example of using the converter from the unzipped Flight_09_12_10__07_03_14.kmz:

  'perl 09_12_10__07_03_14/ -scale_plane=15.0'

The thing that I don't currently understand how to do in KML is the conversion from the airplane's frame of reference to the world frame of reference. I need that to be able to show the rudder, ailerons and elevator in there actual positions. I haven't figured out the math yet, the likely candidates are DH transform, Euler angles, or Quaternions....I seem to have forgotten my linear algebra.

ScreenShot ge flight2.jpg

Schetchup of 3Points For 3d Location Media:a3dLocationFrom3Angles3Pts.skp

Elden Crom

Updated version: Media:Flight_10_02_14__18_04_10.kmz

I had not realized that there was already a place to put a GCS to KLM converter so I wrote my own (in perl) that works from the command line by importing the *.data file and converting it to KML then packs it all up into the KMZ.

This file contains the KML and associated file along with perl source code and the *data and *log file that I used to create it. (a kmz is just a set of files that can be zipped or unzipped with ubuntu's 'zip' or 'unzip' command line tool). To get to the script ( download and 'unzip Flight_10_02_14__18_04_10.kmz'.

To rerun it with different parameters you could then call perl -scale_plane=20.0 -start_time=20 (by the way I started recording prior to the GPS locking in so you have to tell it to ignore data ( -start_time=20) for the first 20 seconds of the log)