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Reely Condor with Sparkfun Razor IMU

The plane is a cheap one from Conrad Electronic (50€ incl. RC).

The Paparazzi-System consists of a TWOG, some wi.232-Modules for Telemetry a cheap Navilock-GPS NL-507TTL (30€) and instead of using IR-Sensors for attitude estimation, I have used a Sparkfun Razor IMU ( That one is deprecated and I had to remove some frequency-filters, that might not be nescessary for the new one.

So the system was really cheap, what was improtant for me as a student :-)

On the TWOG side I have bridged the Resistors for scaling to Something else than 3.3V for the ADC.

The current working version of the Software is checked into GitHub:

Since Felix and Christophe started the integration of the analogimu stuff into the main-branch I will switch to this soon, but yet the github-version works for me.

In the mechanical point of view, I had to change some things on the Plane:

- change the Prop-Saver, since the delivered one was rubbish

- mount the IMU on the LiPo wich was suspended in foam to reduce vibrations

Currently my plane looks like this:


A Picture of the entire Groundstation:


And what is on the Screen, while in flight :-)


There is also a YouTube-Video showing the plane to fly circles (GCS view only, perhaps boring): [1]

For the ones that might be interrested in the Data-File of the Flight (for having fixed wing IMU-Data for developing own attitude estimation SW), the Logfile can be found here: [2]