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In our quest to have a better more capable Paparazzi based autopilot board, there is a Brainstorm going on. We would like to achieve the feats of the new board as summed up below. Although realizing there is already the LisaM and Umarim.

New features Wish List For The New Paparazzi Board

  • 4 layer PCB for EMI improvement;
  • External GPS;
  • External IMU (Booz IMU);
  • Pressure sensors for altitude and speed determination (like Lisa/L. I will need some help on the software stuff);
  • External/Internal power source for servos and datalink selected with jumpers;
  • Micro SD Card Data Logger(Implementation of the paparazzi data logger);
  • JTAG debugging port (will need some help here, who can help?);
  • 10x servo connections;
  • Mini USB Type B connector;
  • 4x (3mm-4mm) holes for attachment;
  • 4x relay switches (on another pcb board);

More ideas of improvement are welcome.

Block Architecture

Soon available...

Bill Of Material

Soon available...

Work Team

We will need a lot of help on this project. Any help and suggestions will be very much appreciated. Let's make a small team to work on this new paparazzi board.

Please insert in this list your name and contact if you would like to be part of the team:

  • Akira Devereaux (California) => atdever@gmail.com (systems analyst/design, project management)
  • Rui Costa (from Portugal) => azoreanuav(at)gmail.com
  • Mike Nickelson (Boston, MA, USA) => michael.nickelson(at)gmail.com
  • Spencer Pangborn (Taipei, Taiwan) => spencerpangborn(at)gmail.com (I may be able to help with 4 layer PCB printing here in Taiwan.)
  • Paul Cox (Toulouse, France) => pauldanielcox at gmail (schematics, layout, proto, debug, etc)
  • Diego J. Stefanello (Santa Maria, Brazil) => diegostefanello(at)gmail.com (Schematics, layout, degub, etc)
  • Wayne Garris (Seattle ,WA ,USA => wayneg(at)invitroaviation.com (avionics , nav,kalman filters,IMU)
  • Wang Yao (Wuhan China)=>wzxwyvippt@126.com
  • Ross Man ( from Hong Kong ) => ross(at)hongkongapple.com
  • wangcfan(Baotou China))=>wangcfan(AT)163.com(Chinese fans, please join the QQ Group: 2816619)
  • Ernani Reis (São José dos Campos, Brazil) => esreis(a t)sousa(dot)reis(dot)nom(dot)br (pneumatic sensors acquisition)
  • Hector Garcia de Marina (Madrid, Spain) => noeth3r@gmail.com (schematics, pcb/layout, guidance, navigation and control)
  • dianzhichong (HeNan China) => laizzb@126.com (schematics, pcb/layout, )

Work Log