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I could not find where this simulation speed factor can be edited in any configuration file of NPS or anywhere else

You can not supply a simulation speed in a configuration file right now - is that something you want to do? It would be quite easy to add. --Scdwyer 21:35, 16 August 2013 (UTC)

Hello human. My problem is that the simulator generates the warning "Warning: The time factor is too large for efficient operation! Please reduce the time factor.". This happens with a Samsung NC10, and Quad_LisaM2, which seems by the way to be the only way for me to simulate rotor_craft.xml flight plan. So i wonder if this time factor is why the simulator doesn't work properly yet for me with rotorcrafts. All I want to do is to simulate flight plans for an ARDrone2, but since there's no such thing as an paparazzi/conf/simulator/jsbsim/aircraft/ardrone2_raw.xml file, I use Quad_LisaM2. Or is there ? Here I used Changing the time code directly in the code is fine for me. Then where is it ? By the way, is there a forum for these discussions, especially for the Ardrone2 ?

Ok, I have found that the simulator essentially works, but provides a sort of random position on earth for the startup GPS position instead of those in the flight plan header. And in order to have in view the waypoints, you have to press the icon "fit to window" in GCS. Not at the right place on earth, but that"s ok to test the flight plan. --Laurentc 11:29, 17 August 2013 (UTC)

Hello - The best place for questions like these is the mailing list: Contact. You should join the list and we can continue discussion there. You can also try IRC for help, but unless there happens to be someone who can answer your questions right away, the mailing list is probably just as fast, since people are distributed around the world.

For your current questions: The warning means that the simulation has zero downtime between each simulator timestep and usually indicates you are no longer running in realtime (i.e. the simulation will get further and further behind, a simulation timestep of say 0.010 seconds might actually be taking 0.015 seconds in real time). If you are already running at a time factor of 1 (realtime) then there probably isn't much you can do as your computer can't keep up with all of the calculations. You can try reducing any load possible by shutting down other programs, and not trying to use FlightGear (if you are).

For the simulation start position, it usually uses whatever is set in conf/simulator/jsbsim/aircraft/reset00.xml (this is being changed to use what is in the flightplan header as the default soon). Note the initial conditions file is selected in the airframe file: conf/airframes/examples/quadrotor_lisa_m_2_pwm_spektrum.xml approximately line 200 with <define name="JSBSIM_INIT" value=""reset00""/>.

If you have more questions, please use the mailing list (and if you can, copy this discussion into your message for good measure?)

--Scdwyer 17:12, 17 August 2013 (UTC)