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JKG Questions:

  • Do we need a power supply on the cape? It will increase cost quite a bit. If Lisa/M is still connected directly to peripherals it may as well get power from off-board, most vehicles already have a 5-6V servo bus

Neo: I thought the cape would have a voltage ragulator which can power the F4 and BBB. Maybe a different power rail for the servos.

  • fully-populated Lia vs Lisa/M?
    • Allows (almost) all connections to be broken out through the cape and BBB -- 0.1" header pins on Lia and sockets on cape with screws to lock boards together
      • much less wire nest
    • no header pin access to ANALOG1 or ANALOG2

Note from Bryan:

  • The SPI bus on the BB only can act as master. This would make the BB have to do busy loops polling the autopilot to check for data. I propose CAN as it has error detection and data framing.
  • The lithium battery system only can act as a charger. The BB's power supply will not let it run on the nominal 3.6v of the lithium cell without a boosting SMPS.