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AIRBORNE source code reorganization and cleanup

This page is to discuss option for code cleanup.


  1. It would be great to involve a little more people also using the code.
  2. Use GIT only for the new code part so people are not confuse using either svn or git.
  3. Make changes that are beneficial, not change for the sake of cleanup only
  4. Use GIT in full effect what is was designed for, thus for others to submit code and merge later.
  5. Use Branching and merging


Note1: I agree with the code need improvement. Just as a side-remark, you can link to a makefile already, no need to include it in the XML document. Which is indeed much much better, because including it in the XML, the document is not an XML document anymore. IMHO it is bet to first see what is already possible, then slowly evolve.[OpenUAS]