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See Prepare Paparazzi electronics for a detailed description of where exactly the connectors/plugs go to.

Glue the USB Mini-B board for the Umarim lite to the right side of the end of the battery compartment.

Funjet usb.jpg

Install two 3mm plywood boards 41mm by 10mm centered behind the fiber rod and aligned to the distance of the Umarim lite drill holes with CA. Fix the XBee pro with the Sparkfun board below the boards with Velcro.

Umarim board xbee.jpg

Add a 3mm plywood board 41mm by 26mm one centimeter above the base of the fuselage. Drill holes to hold the Multi board before mounting. Install the Umarim lite with 1.6mm screws and servo rubbers in between.

Umarim board multi.jpg

Fix the Multi board with four screws and and servo rubbers.

Multi board install corr.jpg

The logger holding 3mm plywood board is 41mm by 30mm and installed 5mm behind the Umarim lite at the same level.

Logger board.jpg

Add a 10mm EPP separator between the autopilot and the motor compartment. Connect the logger to the Umarim, add the micro SD card holder and the USB Mini-B behind the separator. Fix the logger on the board with Velcro.

Logger shrink.jpg

Put the GPS receiver with the ceramic antenna upwards into the pocket under the front turtle deck (picture shows not-yet attached deck).

Funjet gps b.jpg

Glue the MLX90614 infrared thermometer into the 25mm x 20mm pocket. Seal the metal sensor with the EPP to make it watertight. Bring the connecting cable to the fuselage. Close the pocket with the original (colored) EPP.

Mlx install.jpg

Insert the PT1000 temperature sensor into the ABS holder and fix it to the right wing.

Temperature sensor holder.jpg

Temperature sensor inside.jpg

Temperature installed.jpg

The same applies to the SHT75 humidity sensor on the left wing.

Humidity sensor holder.jpg

Humidity sensor inside.jpg

Humidity installed.jpg


Funjet sensors.jpg