SUMO/Ground modem

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What you need

Qty Manufacturer
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Description Manufacturer Digikey
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Ground station modem
1 XBP24-PKC-001-UA Zigbee / 802.15.4 Module 2.4Ghz Xbee 256000 BAUD USB Digi XBP24-PKC-001-UA-ND Mouser 888-XBP24-PKC-001-UA

Shopping list

Modem setup

Set the ground modem baud rate to 57600 baud with X-CTU available from Digi as this is the preset for XBee API mode, see XBee configuration

Make sure that the modem can be legally used in the country you wish to operate. In most countries it is not allowed to use another antenna than the provided 3dB whip antenna. In some countries (e.g. within the European Union) it is required to reduce the RF output power level of the original devices.