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Turntable Procedure




  • audio-technica AT-LP120_USB Direct Drive Professional Turntable
  • Olimex LPC H2148
  • Omron rotary encoder
  • Lisa/L+IMU, Xbee 2.4Ghz modem set, fibreglass mounting plates and general wiring components
  • Encoder mount hoop - engineering shop?


Encoder to LPC

  • Black (common) to EXT2 GND
  • Red 5~12 VDC to EXT2 Vin(5v)
  • White OUTA to EXT1 PO.22


  • EXT2 3.3v to EXT1 PO.22 (pull up resistor)


LPC Code Modifications

In case of USB 2.0 A-B cable operation, ~/conf/airframes/Poine/turntable.xml has to be amended, as follows, and saved as ~/turntable_dev_usb.xml:

File: conf/airframes/Poine/turntable_dev_usb.xml
 main.srcs += $(SRC_ARCH)/usb_ser_hw.c
 main.srcs += $(SRC_ARCH)/lpcusb/usbhw_lpc.c $(SRC_ARCH)/lpcusb/usbinit.c
 main.srcs += $(SRC_ARCH)/lpcusb/usbcontrol.c $(SRC_ARCH)/lpcusb/usbstdreq.c

 #main.CFLAGS += -DUSE_UART0 -DUART0_BAUD=B115200
 #main.srcs += mcu_periph/uart.c
 #main.srcs += $(SRC_ARCH)/mcu_periph/uart_arch.c

 main.srcs += subsystems/datalink/downlink.c subsystems/datalink/pprz_transport.c

 #main.srcs += $(MB)/mb_tacho.c



A new turntable session has to be added to ~/conf/control_panel.xml:

File: conf/control_panel.xml
   <session name="Flight with USB-serial_TT modem">
      <program name="Data Link">
        <arg flag="-d" constant="/dev/ttyACM0"/>
        <arg flag="-nouplink" constant=""/>          
        <arg flag="-s" constant="115200"/> 
      <program name="Server"/>
      <program name="GCS"/>

A new aircraft (A/C) named "TT" has to be built using the paparazzi centre:

File: conf/conf.xml
   settings=" settings/rotorcraft_basic.xml"

IMU Code Modifications

Similar files have to be created for the IMU cradle unit:

File: conf/control_panel.xml
   <session name="Flight USB-serial_TT @57600">
      <program name="Data Link">
        <arg flag="-d" constant="/dev/ttyUSB0"/>
        <arg flag="-s" constant="57600"/>

The airframe is a standard rotorcraft file with the appropriate IMU defined.

File: conf/conf.xml
   settings=" settings/rotorcraft_basic.xml"

Encoder Code Modifications

Line 43 in ~/sw/airborne/firmwares/motor_bench/main_turntable.c has to be amended to reflect the encoder's factory pulses per revolution (P/R) setting from default "#define NB_STEP 256". The encoder above has a factory resolution set at "300" (P/R). The resolution setting has to reflect turntable velocity message outputs of ~200deg/s (3.49065rad/s) and ~270deg/s (4.71239rad/s) for 33rpm and 45rpm respectively.

File: sw/airborne/firmwares/motor_bench/main_turntable.c
 #define NB_STEP 300

Calibration Session

Data Collection Setup

In Paparazzi Centre:

  • Build A/C "TT" using "main" target and the USB A-B lead detached from PC.
  • Attach USB A-B lead to both LPC & PC and upload code.
  • Start "Flight with USB-serial_TT modem" "Session".
  • Open default "Message" box and "Real-time Plotter" from the "Tools" menu. Choose "IMU_TURNTABLE" readout.
  • Switch to A/C "TTIMU" in same "Paparazzi Centre" window. Build and upload code.
  • Start "Flight USB-serial_TT @57600" "Session".
  • In original "GCS" window change "Telemetry" to "raw_sensors".
  • Open a new "Message" box and choose "IMU_GYRO_RAW" readout.
  • Arrange placement of IMU cradle, for the chosen axis (p, q, r), on the side which reports the highest or positive reading.
  • Start turntable @ 33rpm and drag "IMU_TURNTABLE" data from "Message" box to "Real-time Plotter".
  • Restart "Server" 1 second before a full minute readout and record for four minutes.
  • Halt "Data Link" for both A/Cs "TT" and "TTIMU" and change turntable speed to 45rpm.
  • Restart - click both "Data Link" boxes and record for a further four minutes.
  • Stop "Server".

IMU gyro calibration, Paparazzi Centre

Data Analysis

  • The captured turntable velocity and gyro axis data can be found date and time stamped at:
File: var/logs/
  • Right click the file and open with "LibreOfficeCalc". Click column D and elect "Sort Ascending".
  • Choose "Extend selection" box. Note the time stamps of the IMU_TURNTABLE outlier data in column A.
  • Insert them in the search box of a separate open editor version of the log file and delete the offending prints.
  • Save the file and run the following:
File: ~/paparazzi/sw/tools/calibration$
    ./ --id 4 --tt_id 3 --axis r /home/stephen/paparazzi/var/logs/
     Linear regression using stats.linregress
     regression: a=824.56 b=16.03, std error= 0.048
     <define name="GYRO_X_NEUTRAL" value="16"/>
     <define name="GYRO_X_SENS" value="4.967519" integer="16"/>
  • These accompanying plots are also generated:
Gyro calibration Plots