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Settings is the generic mechanism that allows to get/set the value of any variable of the embedded code.


Problem Statement

Given an embedded program in C, we want a way to set/get the value of any variable without having to write any ad-hoc code.

  • The variable can be of any base type (e.g. uint16, int32, float) or a structured type (not implemented yet).
  • The variable can be directly accessed (declared in a header) or used through a pair of accessors (e.g. SetVar/GetVar).
  • Typically the variable is manipulated through a graphical user interface on the ground station.
  • The graphical interface can manipulate the variable in a different unit (e.g. the embedded code uses a binary fixed point representation)


The solution used in Paparazzi consist in describing the variables in a high level xml file, which is then processed to generate embedded code and used by the graphical user interface to display the suitable controls.

Settings overview.png

Persistent Settings

Problem Statement