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The Makefile for those is in conf/autopilot/booz2_test_progs.makefile


Paparazzi's Makefile allow you to build different TARGETS (aka programs) using a doted notation. The begining of the Makefile reads

 # test downlink
 test_downlink.ARCHDIR = $(ARCHI)
 test_downlink.ARCH = arm7tdmi
 test_downlink.TARGET = test_downlink
 test_downlink.TARGETDIR = test_downlink
 test_downlink.srcs   += $(SRC_BOOZ_TEST)/booz2_test_downlink.c
 test_downlink.CFLAGS += -DUSE_LED
 test_downlink.srcs   += sys_time.c $(SRC_ARCH)/sys_time_hw.c $(SRC_ARCH)/armVIC.c
 test_downlink.CFLAGS += -DUSE_UART1 -DUART1_BAUD=B57600
 test_downlink.srcs   += $(SRC_ARCH)/uart_hw.c
 test_downlink.srcs   += downlink.c pprz_transport.c

FIXME: More on this when syntax highlighting/line numbering works

The command line to compile the "test_downlink" target for the BOOZ2_A1 aircraft would be

make AIRCRAFT=BOOZ2_A1 test_downlink.compile

and to upload this program to your board ( you don't really need to type the previous command, make is smart and will compile your program if needed when you ask him to upload it )

make AIRCRAFT=BOOZ2_A1 test_downlink.upload


the max1168 is the 16 bits analog to digital converter chip used on the IMU to sample gyros and accels.

make AIRCRAFT=BOOZ2_A1 test_max1168.upload