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  • Electronic Engineer
  • I live in Germany
  • I started with model airplanes in March 2008 after seeing the Paparazzi demonstration at 24C3

My Vision for Paparazzi
Building autonomous Airframes with long range and long endurance!

My Hardware


Multiplex EasyGlider Pro

  • With their recommended 150 W brushless kit
  • I get around 30 mins of flight out of a 2100 mAh 2S LiPo


Graupner/JR MX-12

  • Seemed to offer most features for money (140 euros) in 2008 (now obsolete).
  • came with R700 reciever (nice)


Tiny v2.11

  • w. GPS LEA 4P

HF-Modem XBee-Pro ZB Zigbee S2B

My Progress

Well I bought the Hardware in 2008 but due to limited free time I didn't accomplish more than to solder up the Tiny. In May 2010 I had some spare time due to changes in my work-life and tried to make some new progress with Paparazzi.

18. June 2010

  • I can not get the LPC to start up. As I don't have access to an Oscilloscope at the moment, I can not verify if the quarz is functioning correctly.
  • Toasted the PTH08080 by directly inserting 5V ... should have read the manual first ...
  • Removed the PTH08080 and am now directly supplying the 5V
  • The GPS works fine, if I connect directly to it.
  • Still no reaction from the LPC, tried using FlashMagic with no success