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Logic Analyzer

Saleae (and clones)

Logic Analyzer.jpg

Helpful to analyze/debug data streams or measure ppm signal length.

saleae (works with linux)

The original costs about 120€, china clones begin at 10€.

The Saleae software for windows only allows their original hardware by setting the VID (Vendor ID) and PID (Product ID) in the saleae.inf file. This file is required as driver for the harware.

There is also an open source support for a lot of different logic analyzers (china clones) sigrok


Complete Open Software / Hardware Logic analyzer .


  • max 400 MHz sample rate (max 4channels simultaneously)
  • max 16 channels
  • max 16 M samples per channel
  • 256 Mbits onboard memory
  • Spartan 6 FPGA (xc6slx9)

iMax B6 charger (and clones)

There are various variants of this charger available (dual/quad output, 12 or 230V input, 200W version ...).
And also some clones, be aware, most clones are not calibrated -> poor balanced cells and overloading can happen !

An open source replacement firmware is available
This allows calibration unlike the stock firmware.