TU Delft - Autonomous Quadrotor

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TU Delft - Autonomous Quadrotor

On 3 September 2012 two student teams of the Delft University of Technology started with a UAV robotics project, under guidance of ir. B. D. W. Remes. The initial objective of both teams is similar, namely getting the AR Drone v2.0 to fly using the Paparazzi Software. However the path taken by each group to reach this objective will be different. In the second part of the project each group is then free to develop a cool or useful application for the AR Drone v2.0, now flying on the paparazzi software.


So our first objective is to enable the Parrot AR Drone v2.0 (from now on referred to as the AR Drone 2) to fly autonomously on the Paparazzi Software. However each group will obtain this goal following a different path:

  • Team 1 has the heavy task to make it all work smoothly by using the raw data, creating their own software drivers to retrieve and interpret and steer the data. They will need to describe a new board configuration within for Paparazzi to work with.
  • Team 2 challenging task is to let the AP work with via on-board SDK as developed by Parrot. They will need to interpret the data as provided by the program and determine what data to send back.

As mentioned, the second objective or part of the project was to come up with a cool or useful application for the AR Drone 2. Team 1 further developed the AR Drone 2 to include search and rescue applications. Team 2 decided to further develop the AR Drone 2 to be applicable is laser shooting games. Also each team had to add a GPS sensor to the AR Drone 2. We will use the US Globalsat BU-353 GPS receiver for this purpose and mount it to the AR Drone 2 using the USB connection on the board. More information on each project can be found following the links in the next section.


More information on each project can be found here:


To keep you up to date with the most recent developments in this project we have created the TU Delft: AR Drone 2 - News page. Here we will post breakthroughs, summaries of a page update and small facts that might be nice to know.

Installing Paparazzi on AR.Drone 2

To make life easier for everyone that wants to use the AR Drone 2 controlled by Paparazzi, there is a AR-Drone 2 getting started Page. This page will guide you through that process step by step.