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SuperbitRF usb modem.jpg

What is SuperbitRF?

SuperbitRF is a project to design our own datalink/radio receiver. The ultimate goal is to get the receiver to work with our own datalink modem and also normal DSM2/DSMX transmitters. But the main focus is to get a very small datalink which will be integrated in the autopilot PCB.

How does it work

In general you will have either a usb datalink modem or a DSM2/DSMX transmitter which can be binded to the data/radio receiver on the autopilot. During the binding process the receiver will know if it is binding to a usb datalink(in DSMX or DSM2 mode), DSM2 transmitter or a DSMX transmitter. After binding the receiver tries to keep in sync with the usb datalink or transmitter and will forward the packets received to either the paparazzi datalink or the radio control.

The contributors

  • Piotr (working on the hardware)
  • Bart Remes
  • Freek van Tienen (working on the software)