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Serial Wire Debug (SWD) is a program and debug protocol for ARM processors. It's a low pin count and high-performance alternative to JTAG

Every STM discovery board comes with a ST-Link V2 on board, with one exception; the STM32VL version, that board comes with ST-Link V1.

SWD Header

Pinout with Apogee connector

Install Software

For Ubuntu/Debian.
st-flash and st-util are needed Tools from texane

Download and compile

$ cd
$ git clone git:// stlink
$ sudo mv stlink /opt
$ cd stlink
$ ./
$ ./configure
$ make

Set enviroment variable

$ exportline="PATH=$PATH:/opt/stlink"
$ if grep -Fxq "$exportline" ~/.profile; then echo nothing to do ; else echo $exportline >> ~/.profile; fi
$ source ~/.profile

Add udev rules (replace user with your username)

$ sudo cp /opt/stlink/49-stlinkv*.rules /etc/udev/rules.d
$ sudo udevadm control --reload-rules

ST-LinkV1 requires a bit different treatment, read the Readme.txt

Airframe.xml setup

Connect the ST-Link to the MCU. If a complete STM32F-Discovery board is used, CN3 jumpers need to be set. To program a external MCU, remove CN3 jumpers and connect the external MCU with the SWD header.

To use STLink via SWD

Update the ST-Link to blackmagic probe

The STM32F103 (STLink MCU) can be flashed with the blackmagic's firware.
This is irveversable !

How to upload the blackmagic probe firmware to the STLink of a discovery board