Lisa/MXS v1.0

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Lisa/Mx-Small is a smaller version of Lisa/M with an STM32F4 processor for only 1.45 gram. See Lisa-Mx for more information. See Github Paparazzi - Hardware Lisa MXS for schematics.

Lisa mx s v1 0.png

In the default mode, only 4 UART, 1 SPI, 1 I2C, 3 ADC and 6 servos are available. But since the F4 has massive alternate functions, more options are possible.

- if you need 8 PWM, then I2C can become servo 7 and 8
- if you need 5 UART servo 1 and 2 can become UART6
- if you need more ADC then servo 5 and 6 can become ADC
- if you need hardware flow control, UART2 RTS and CTS are on servo 5 and 6
- if you need more than 8 servos, then nearly every UART and SPI can become extra PWM (except SPI-SS)