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Doxygen is a documentation system that also extracts information from the source files directly.

Daily generated docs for the development and stable branches can be found on

Generating Doxygen Code Documentation yourself

A way to look at the includes and dependencies is to use the graphs generated with doxygen. After installing Paparazzi, install Doxygen:

For Ubuntu precise a backport of doxygen_1.8.4 is available in the ppa:flixr/backports:

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:flixr/backports
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install doxygen graphviz

run the documentation generation from the paparazzi/ directory (will generate module descriptions and run doxygen):

make dox

Prior to paparazzi_version v5.1_devel-234-gb1eb25e run doxygen manually from the paparazzi/ directory:


Now Doxygen will have generated html documentation (open this with any web browser) in your paparazzi/docs/generated/html folder.

The main documentation page is:


This is a sample of a Doxygen Graph: Include dependency graph for autopilot.h

Doxygen Style

The Paparazzi Doxygen style guide is of course written in doxygen as well ;-)

Please document the code using doxygen comments instead of normal comments where appropriate.

See the Doxygen Manual for more details.


 * @file subsystems/nav.h
 * Navigation library.
 * This collection of macros and functions is used by the C code generated
 * from the XML flight plan.


 * A brief one line description.
 * Detailed description
 * May span multiple lines or paragraphs as needed
 * @param  Description of method's or function's input parameter
 * @param  ...
 * @return Description of the return value
int function(int parameter)
    printf("Parameter: %d", parameter);

    return 0;