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How to contribute

It would be fantastic if you add you share to enhance the Paparazzi project. Help is always very welcome for aspects of the project. May this be documentation, wiki, maintenance, electronics or code contributions and fixes. There are lots of ways to contribute to Paparazzi and get involved.

This page will give you a headstart to be able to contribute.


Just create an account and you can start adding information, cleaning it up or just fixing some typo you just noticed :-)

Some information and links on how to edit the wiki can be found at Help:Editing.

Please be aware of past edits and page histories. Try not to remove this; if you are moving/renaming a page, use the move tab at the top of a page. This ensures the revision history is moved with the page.

Software development

Learning Tools

We use the distributed version control system git. The Papaprazzi master repository is hosted on Github.

Also see the Git wiki page for more details about setting up Git and cloning the source-code and data repository.

Please also have a look at the Coding Style Guide.

Here is the short version if you already know git:

  1. Create an account on github.
  2. Fork the papaprazzi repo on github. (After logging in press the fork button).
  3. If you want to clone with SSH: git clone<yourname>/paparazzi.git
    Or with HTTPS: git clone<yourname>/paparazzi.git
  4. git remote add upstream
  5. git fetch upstream
  6. checkout a new branch based on the development branch (master):
    git checkout -b my_new_feature upstream/master
  7. fix/code and commit in logical units
  8. push your feature/bugfix branch
  9. Send us a pull request on github. (Or send patches to the mailing list).

Defects and Features

To report Paparazzi defect, various issues and to submit a feature request use the simple issue tracker on github.

Continuous Integration Builds

There is a build server running quite some Continuous Integration tests.