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== David Conger begin_of_the_skype_highlighting     end_of_the_skype_highlighting ==
== David Conger ==

David's dedication has given the Paparazzi community a source of hardware. You can follow his YouTube channel here
David's dedication has given the Paparazzi community a source of hardware. You can follow his YouTube channel here
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== Christophe De Wagter ==
== Christophe De Wagter ==

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Teamed with Martin Mueller, ENAC developed adaptive control algorithms and tested them on the Twinstar aircraft. This video shows a flight test where a wing panel section was separated from the vehicle during autonomous flight.


A video of Antoine Drouin's adaptive control logic demonstrated on his quadrotor, assisted by Martin Mueller.


Utah State University

This video shows the USU OSAM team performing a flight with 2 vehicles. The vehicles are using the follow command with paparazzi where the follower AC is chasing the leader. Tough to see in the video, but a great accomplishment


Another great video of USU OSAM using the leader-follower algorithms with paparazzi. 2 flying wings circling.


Check out the rest of their videos on their YouTube channel here


Colorado State University

A video of their man packable UAV. Give these guys a medal for sticking with it after a crash(see there Youtube channel for the gruesome details.


Individual Contributors

Martin Mueller

Martin has been doing amazing things with Paparazzi since 2004. A few short videos here showing some of the great things he has accomplished through the years. See his YouTube channel for more goodies here


Long onboard video taken from a funjet climbing to 1500m in the Arctic Circle! AMAZING!


A video of Christian landing their funjet on the deck of a ship, this guy has skills.


Short video outlining a fully autonomous flight they did from a bungee launcher


A.J. Kochevar

A.J has been focusing mostly on quadrotors in recent years. You can see his adventures in his back yard at his YouTube channel here


A fully autonomous flight using a Booz Hardware suit, Paparazzi rotorcraft code, and a custom NoVa quadrotor frame. The winds were well over 10MPH during this flight.


First flight of the NoVa XL quadrotor frame he makes. Avionics are Lisa/L. This flight was out of the box, no gains were tuned from the rotorcraft default.


David Conger

David's dedication has given the Paparazzi community a source of hardware. You can follow his YouTube channel here


A short video of David flying a small Swift wing using paparazzi. Great setup


A great video showing some early rotorcraft code on a Booz equipped quadrotor. Notice the wind!


Christophe De Wagter

Christophe has been hard at work integrating IMUs into the paparazzi fixed wing software. When he is not doing that he is designing simple to build electronics that are compatible with Paparazzi, like the YAPA2 and the YAI!

These videos we will group together, but they all show different IMUs being interfaced to a paparazzi board, and to the flight code.

I2C only ASPIRIN IMU on an LPC2148 based autopilot(not this is only running 100Hz)


PPZUAV IMU on LPC2148 based autopilot (Christophe will this work with the STM32 products?)



http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wvs9SCiK-g8 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WoXsNnRBXNQ

XSENS IMU on LPC2148 based autopilot


Industry Contributors

Joby Robotics

A flight test of Joby's Lisa/L autopilot and Aspirin IMU all running the Paparazzi rotorcraft code


One of the first iterations of Joby's VTOL transitional aircraft. Yes before you ask, this plane really does fly on code that is in the repository.


The newer version called Synerani. Beautiful design and amazing performance, and again, all open source software!


Whats Next!?!?!

This page is a living document to be edited and updated as people make remarkable accomplishments with Paparazzi. If you do something remarkable, take a video and post it here! Videos have been missed so please fill in the blanks!