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We chose the Futaba 2.4GHz FASST system to control the SUMO. Any other system can be used as long as the RC receiver gives you the servo signals as a sum signal and this sum signal is turned off by the receiver if there is no radio transmission received (out of range, transmitter off). By turning off the sum signal the Paparazzi system can detect a RC link loss and switch to emergency modes.

R6107SP (special Mikrokopter)


Until recently we used a special Mikrokopter version of the R6107SP. It will output a 7-channel sum signal that is turned off in case the receiver can not detect a radio transmission. Unfortunately the R6107SP is no longer made by robbe/Futaba.



The R6008SP outputs a sum signal. It needs a 8-channel RC transmitter, the 7-channel transmitters T6EX or T7C below do not work!

By default the sum signal is not turned off if no radio transmission is received (robbe calls that "HIGH LEVEL" mode). The receiver can be set to turn off the sum signal if no radio transmission is received (called "LOW LEVEL").

To switch between HIGH LEVEL (sum signal always on) and LOW LEVEL (sum signal off if no radio transmission received):

  • bind the receiver to the transmitter
  • turn off receiver
  • press the bind button and keep it pressed while turning receiver on
  • red LED should blink (= HIGH LEVEL)
  • keep pressed for another 2-3 seconds, release
  • red/green LED should blink (=LOW LEVEL)
  • turn receiver off

Check that the sum signal is actually off by looking at the radio status in the Paparazzi gcs and turning the transmitter off. The mode can be switched back the same way.


We have used classic Graupner/JR transmitters together with Futaba HFM12-x transmitter modules and the Futaba T6EX, T7C and T8FG transmitters. The T6EX is not really recommended as you might need to modify it to have a 3 position switch. With the T6EX we also had seen issues because of reduced transmission power at low temperatures (-28°C).





Choose your personal stick mode for the Futaba T7C or T8FG and do not reverse channels. Program the transmitter to have a 3-position switch (for manual/auto1/auto2) to appear on channel 5.

Mode switch.jpg

The channels at a Futaba R6107SP should then be

1 Roll
2 Pitch
3 Throttle
4 Yaw
5 Autopilot Mode (M/A1/A2)

Use the radio/t7c.xml radio file for configuration (for a Futaba R6107SP receiver).

Programming the 5th channel of the T7C for Paparazzi mode

turn on transmitter

T7c mode 01.jpg

long press Mode/Page button

T7c mode 02.jpg

press Cursor/Down 2x to get to PARAMETR

T7c mode 03.jpg

press big round Multi/Rotation button

T7c mode 04.jpg

press Cursor/Down 2x to SCH-K5 (channel 5)

T7c mode 05.jpg

turn big round Multi/Rotation button until E (3-way switch) appears

T7c mode 06.jpg

press End 2x to leave