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We chose the Futaba 2.4GHz FASST system to control the SUMO. We have used classic Graupner/JR transmitters together with Futaba HFM12-x transmitter modules and the Futaba T6EX, T7C and T8FG transmitters. The T6EX is not really recommended as you might need to modify it to have a 3 position switch. With the T6EX we also had seen issues because of reduced transmission power at low temperatures (-28°C).





Choose your personal stick mode for the Futaba T7C or T8FG and do not reverse channels. Program the transmitter to have a 3-position switch (for manual/auto1/auto2) to appear on channel 5.

Mode switch.jpg

The channels at a Futaba R6107SP should then be

1 Roll
2 Pitch
3 Throttle
4 Yaw
5 Autopilot Mode (M/A1/A2)

Use the radio/t7c.xml radio file for configuration (for a Futaba R6107SP receiver).

Programming the 5th channel of the T7C for Paparazzi mode

turn on transmitter

T7c mode 01.jpg

long press Mode/Page button

T7c mode 02.jpg

press Cursor/Down 2x to get to PARAMETR

T7c mode 03.jpg

press big round Multi/Rotation button

T7c mode 04.jpg

press Cursor/Down 2x to SCH-K5 (channel 5)

T7c mode 05.jpg

turn big round Multi/Rotation button until E (3-way switch) appears

T7c mode 06.jpg

press End 2x to leave