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Molex Plugs

Paparazzi autopilots use 1.25mm Molex headers for all connections. Users must make their own wiring harnesses by either crimping the molex terminal pins onto their wiring or soldering pre-crimped wires to their peripherals.

  • Be sure to order plenty of 1.25mm Molex plugs (female)
  • Wires are available (post sources) with pins already crimped - simply trim and solder these to your peripherals and assemble them into the Molex plugs.
  • Crimpers are available from Mouser or Digi-Key for approximately $200 USD and will prove worthwhile for many users. P/N# 63811-0300
  • Crimp Pins are extremely small and cannot be soldered, crimped with pliers, or attached by any tool other than the genuine Molex crimper.
  • Remember that if a wire comes loose, any wire, the plane will crash!
Molex plug
Molex pin
Molex Crimper


26AWG wire is ideal for most users, larger wire may not fit well in the molex plugs. Smaller models may wish to use 28AWG to save weight and bulk. Post your wire sources here: