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HB-MINI-planar Autopilot

Due the progress in sensor electronics it was possible to design a autopilot with one planar PCB. Compared to the HB-Autopilot V1.0 the following differences are given: • use of new planar sensors: magnetsesor HMC5743, rate sensors LPR530AL LY530ALH or IDG500, IXZ500 • only one free 16Bit ADC input, and free 8 ADC Inputs with 10 bit, no intern difference pressure sensor, the 16Bit ADC is optional. • dimensions 57mm*30mm* 11mm, cost: 26Euro for the 4 layer pcb, and 170 to 180 with all sensors. For normal plane aircrafts you can save about 60 Euro (no magnetsensor, no 16 Bit ADC, no pressure sensor)

Block Architecture


Circuit Diagram page 1

HB MINI Strom1.jpg

Circuit Diagram page 2

HB MINI Strom2.jpg

Foto of Top side of PCB

HB Mini Toppcb.jpg

Foto of Bottom side of PCB

HB MINI Bottompcb.jpg

HB-MINI-Autopilot on a Quadrocopter

HB MINI Mount.jpg

HB-MINI-Autopilot first Quadrocopter flight

HB MINI Flight.jpg