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Control Panel

The control panel is launched with the following command:


and is used to launch individual portions of the GCS (Programs) or the entire GCS (Sessions) with the modem and map settings defined in /conf/control_panel.xml

Configuration Options

Here are the different Configuration Options for launching the GCS. They are a bit crude since they are simply pasted here from the code.

  "-auto_ortho", Arg.Set auto_ortho, "IGN tiles path";
"-b", Arg.String (fun x -> ivy_bus := x), "Bus\tDefault is";
"-center", Arg.Set_string center, "Initial map center (e.g. 'WGS84 43.605 1.443')";
"-center_ac", Arg.Set auto_center_new_ac, "Centers the map on any new A/C";
"-edit", Arg.Unit (fun () -> edit := true; layout_file := "editor.xml"), "Flight plan editor";
"-fullscreen", Arg.Set fullscreen, "Fullscreen window";
"-google_fill", Arg.Set GM.auto, "Google maps auto fill";
"-ign", Arg.String (fun s -> ign:=true; IGN.data_path := s), "IGN tiles path";
"-lambertIIe", Arg.Unit (fun () -> projection:=G.LambertIIe),"Switch to LambertIIe projection";
"-layout", Arg.Set_string layout_file, (sprintf "<XML layout specification> GUI layout. Default: %s" !layout_file);
"-m", Arg.String (fun x -> map_files := x :: !map_files), "Map XML description file";
"-maximize", Arg.Set maximize, "Maximize window";
"-mercator", Arg.Unit (fun () -> projection:=G.Mercator),"Switch to (Google Maps) Mercator projection, default";
"-mplayer", Arg.Set_string mplayer, "Launch mplayer with the given argument as X plugin";
"-no_alarm", Arg.Set no_alarm, "Disables alarm page";
"-no_google_http", Arg.Set Gm.no_http, "Switch off Google Maps downloading";
"-ortho", Arg.Set_string get_bdortho, "IGN tiles path";
"-particules", Arg.Set display_particules, "Display particules";
"-plugin", Arg.Set_string plugin_window, "External X application (launched with the id of the plugin window as argument)";
"-ref", Arg.Set_string geo_ref, "Geographic ref (e.g. 'WGS84 43.605 1.443')";
"-speech", Arg.Set Speech.active, "Enable vocal messages";
"-srtm", Arg.Set srtm, "Enable SRTM elevation display";
"-track_size", Arg.Set_int Live.track_size, (sprintf "Default track length (%d)" !Live.track_size);
"-utm", Arg.Unit (fun () -> projection:=G.UTM),"Switch to UTM local projection";
"-wid", Arg.String (fun s -> wid := Some (Int32.of_string s)), "<window id> Id of an existing window to be attached to";
"-zoom", Arg.Set_float zoom, "Initial zoom";

Video plugin

The -mplayer option of GCS allows to the user to display a video stream in a window of the GCS. The video window can also be exchanged with the map by clicking anywhere inside the frame. Use the following line in your /conf/control_panel.xml to enable the video window.

path_to_ground_segment/cockpit/gcs -mplayer rtsp://localhost:7070/video


The layout of the different components (map, strips, ...) of the gcs is configurable through a style XML file located in conf/gcs/. The specification is done via a combination of rows and columns. The default layout is given in the horizontal.xml file:

<!DOCTYPE layout SYSTEM "layout.dtd">
<layout width="1024" height="768">
 <widget size="500" name="map2d"/>
  <rows size="350">
   <widget size="120" name="strips"/>
   <widget name="alarms"/>
  <widget size="400" name="aircraft"/>
  <widget size="00" name="plugin"/>

Default size (1024x768) of the whole window is specified in the root of the tree. The window is then divided in two rows:

  • the map2d with a requested height of 500
  • a set of columns containing
    • a set of rows of width 350 divided into
      the strips frame of height 120
      the alarms frame
    • the notebook frame (aircraft) of width 400
    • the video plugin frame

This second example (left_col.xml) sets the map and the notebook on the right and the other frames in a left column:

<!DOCTYPE layout SYSTEM "layout.dtd">
<layout width="1024" height="768">
  <rows size="360">
     <widget size="120" name="strips"/>
     <widget size="300" name="plugin"/>
     <widget name="alarms"/>
    <widget name="map2d"/>
    <widget name="aircraft"/>

This layout file is chosen with the -layout option:

path_to_ground_segment/cockpit/gcs -layout left_col.xml