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Autopilot.png Paparazzi Hardware Manufacturers & Retailers

As an open-source project, all source code and hardware plans are freely available on GitHub or directly from the hardware Wiki pages for anyone to produce, use, modify, and redistribute in accordance with the GPL License Agreement or Creative Commons License [1] which requires only that the open-source nature of the project be maintained by all who redistribute it.


In alphabetical order:

1bitsquared logo.png 1BitSquared

1BitSquared is a Paparazzi UAV, software and hardware development, manufacturing and consulting company founded by Piotr Esden-Tempski aka esden.
They are the developers of several new Paparazzi UAV autopilots and accessory electronics, and actively contribute to the project.

Among others 1BitSquared has developed and contributed:

  • Lisa/S nano autopilot
  • Elle0 autopilot
  • Lisa/M(X) V2.1 autopilots
  • G0 GPS
  • R0 Radio Modem
  • UU0 USB to UART adapter dongle
  • Various code improvements and fixes including the port of the STM32 platform to libopencm3.

Check out the 1BitSquared store for Paparazzi hardware and accessories.

Also, if you are located in or near the European Union you might want to check out 1BitSquared German store for faster and simpler delivery of Paparazzi hardware and accessories.

Drotek.png Drotek

Drotek is now selling Apogee v1.0 boards on its webstore.

Other parts such as GPS, IMU or Magnetometer breakout boards are also available.

Luftfotos24.jpg Luftfotos24

We produce ready-to-fly paparazzi systems for everyone.

We are a company based in Germany and deliver around the world. We create our own hardware and a ground station that includes the RC transmitter and video RX. Complete Paparazzi systems are available at: Shop Luftfotos24

Ppzuav.jpg PPZUAV


Assembling hardware for Paparazzi based projects since 2007.

We are a USA based company that has provided the service of offering guaranteed Paparazzi Project hardware available pre-programmed and ready to use since 2007. Even if you break it we will fix it again and always have.

There are many ways to add value to an open sourced project. PPZUAV has added howtwo, images, and many edits to this Wiki over the years as well as answer eMails and direct people to get the information they needed to get flying. Yes, a narrow view of PPZUAV is they assemble from design files found online and charge for that service. However if you check the prices are quite reasonable considering you also get a lifetime guarantee for the hardware no questions asked. If you do not see what you need please do not hesitate to contact us via eMail to: for details. Visit the Web Store to see the latest offerings and all new prices.

Want to build your own SUMO Meteo research drone? We can help. From individual assembled, warrantied items or complete bundles. We can provide the kit parts. Please contact us for details.

Transition Robotics Logo.png Transition Robotics Inc.

Transition Robotics Inc. is a young company developing new solutions for and with the Paparazzi UAV platform. Their core product is the Quadshot, a VTOL transitioning aircraft.

Beside the Quadshot itself they develop and provide hardware and software that is especially optimized for Paparazzi, such as the Lisa Autopilots, Aspirin IMUs and associated accessories.

They have a shop on their Quadshot product page.



Sparkfun is a great source of miscellaneous electronics like:

  • Development boards
  • GPS
  • Gyros
  • Accelerometers
  • Pressure sensors
  • Ultrasonic distance sensors
  • Temperature/humidity sensors
  • USB to Serial converters (XBEE adapter)
  • LEDs
  • Etc.

Sparkfun distributors in Europe

Incomplete list.


Electronic distributor, sells all kinds of electronic parts or modules. Free shipping as of 60€.


Mainly focused on ArduPilot hardware. But carries Paparazzi compatible Telemetry and sensor boards.

DIYDrones distributors in Europe

u-Blox GPS receivers

Airspeed Sensors

Eagle Tree Systems makes a small standalone airspeed sensor that can be connected via i2c. They also sell pitot tubes standalone for other differential pressure sensors.

DIGI XBee telemetry modules

For detailed shopping guide see [Modems]



Paparazzi specific bare and already assembled PCB's.

Seeedstudio Fusion PCB

Very cheap 1, 2 and 4 layer boards from china. (perfect for bigger volumes and a low price)
Shipping from china takes some time. Minimum order is 5 pcs.

OSH Park

Fast high quality 2 and 4 layer boards.(perfect for high requirements, but they're not the cheapest)
Free worldwide shipping. Minimum order is 3 pcs.


A hobbyist-created site for finding the cheapest PCB manufacturer. Enter the size, layers, and quantity of the board you designed, and PCBShopper will give you prices and delivery time from several different manufacturers.


  1. Check the files for applicable licensing